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University by Design Testimonials


Penny Dyer has many satisfied clients who have gotten into the university of their choice, studied in the program that excites them, and have graduated on time or earlier.


From BW, Pleasanton, CA:

"Penny assisted me while I was applying for Universities back in 2005. She coached me through the entire process of applying to and finding the right school for me.

In my senior year of high school, like most 18 year olds, I was not sure about what I wanted to do or where I wanted to go to for College. Penny was an essential part of my journey, she really helped me look at College as a big picture, my University had to fit my personality and had to be a right fit for me academically and socially.

Penny put me in contact with students, taught me more about individual programs, and helped me open my mind to the possibility of schools that might not have been on my initial list. I wholly believe that Penny helped lead me to my perfect fit University. After working with her I ended up at UC Santa Cruz, graduated a year early, and have since worked for several successful tech companies in the Valley.

Penny's expert advice, great direction, understanding, and compassion are what helped lead me to UCSC and I am confident that was the absolute right decision for me. Thank you Penny!"

LL, Berkeley, CA
“Hey Penny! Just thought I'd let you know I just heard back from Colorado State University at Boulder and I got in! After spending a full day at CS Boulder today, I put in my deposit for the fall. Thank you so much for everything :)”

Penny Dyer, PhD
University Admissions Coach